About PT. Berkah Fukuokindo Indonesia

PT. Berkah Fukuokindo Indonesia with the Penjalang Lingsing brand produces a wide variety of coconut raw materials, such as : Edible White Copra, Coconut Fiber, Cocopeat, Cocochip, Fresh Coconut Meat and Briqquet. Our product has been exporting to several South Asian countries, Southeast Asia and Europe, which have becoming our customers as well as for the domestic market. We do this professionally and with full responsibility based on our motto “Quality, Delivery, Safety and Cost” and ready to fully serve existing demands and needs. Besides that we want to achieve here is a mutual benefit and synergy between coconut farmers and us as producers as well as buyers as consumers.

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Board of Commissioners and Directors

Ahsanur Rozimi

Kombes Pol (Purn) Drs. H. Ahsanur Rozimi - President Commissioner

Starting with a sense of responsibility for the results of agricultural production in this country that I love which have not been maximally utilized especially agricultural products from coconuts which are very abundant, I called to take an active role as a businessman by building a large factory, PT, Berkah Fukuokindo Indonesia using the brand Penjalang Lingsing in the district of Sigi, Central Sulawesi to provide a bridge for coconut farmers to get maximum result and prosperity.

ahmad rozikin

Ahmad Rozikin - Commissioner

Entering the era of Free Trade competition, I believe that Indonesia must have advantage products so that it can be equal to other countries and not just as being a consumer. For this reason, it is very necessary to do innovation and creativity in maximizing the production of this large natural resource so that it has a selling value, and is useful for anyone. Hopefully this small step can inspire everyone and satisfy all consumers of our needs for processed coconut products.


Andrei Wijaya, ST - President Director

As the younger generation, I want to create something that can be proud of for Indonesian people. By considering that Indonesia is a tropical country, my target is develop for agricultural production, especially coconut fruit, because I believe this will be one of the advantage products of the Indonesian that will be known and needed by the communities.