Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber is fiber from coconut coir that has been milled or broken down in the shape of long hair and is generally golden yellow or brown in color. Cocofiber or coconut coir fiber is processed from coconut skin to produce coir fiber which has many benefits. Besides being very suitable as a planting medium because of its high nutrient and mineral content to accelerate plant growth, it is also widely used as a material for various household appliances because of its organic and durable properties.



  1. Fiber Length : 5 – 25 cm (80% more than 20 cm)
  2. Impurities : 5% max
  3. Dust : 3% max
  4. Colour : Clean, Dried, Bright Yellow
  5. Moisture : 20% (+/-  2%) max
  6. Packing : 120 -130 Kgs

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